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The best references: the experience of our patients!

Let the others do the talking: experience with MAGNEZIX®

Nothing convinces better about a new technology than satisfied patients and doctors who have already gained practical experience with MAGNEZIX® implants. For your information, we have compiled an overview of the latest reports in the media in which patients and surgeons discuss the benefits of an operation with MAGNEZIX®:

rbb Praxis
Hallux valgus

The big toe is crooked, the ball of the foot protrudes outwards, with a hallux valgus the forefoot deforms. In many cases it leads to inflammation, pain when walking. Often an surgical correction of the deformity cannot be avoided. The rbb Praxis presents a method in which screws are used which...

3sat nano
Walking without pain

A frequently occurring and very common malposition of the big toe can be operated on: Hallux valgus is the painful misalignment of the big toe. Most women are affected - one cause are high-heeled shoes. But men might suffer too, as the present case from Vienna shows.

An operation can usually not...

RBB Praxis
Hallux valgus - what can be done to treat a bunion?

The big toe is twisted at an angle, the ball of the toe sticks out - in people with Hallux valgus, the front of the foot becomes deformed. In many cases, this gives rise to inflammation, and pain when walking. A surgical correction of the malposition is frequently unavoidable. This report from...

A small operation cured my bunion

Stop. Life for Katy Kruse is primarily movement. The physically active Berlin management assistant has played volleyball for over 40 years, goes Nordic walking on Saturdays, and also likes to go swimming during the week. "I like to go into the mountains on my holidays", explains the slim...

ZDF Volle Kanne
Rapid healing thanks to magnesium

Screws made of steel or titanium are frequently needed to stabilise the bone in surgical operations such as orthopaedic corrections or fractures. After a certain period of time, a second operation is necessary to remove the foreign body again. When using the so-called bio screws, this is no...

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