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Wide range of applications

Unique Benefits - multiple applications:
Selected examples of indications that can be excellently treated with MAGNEZIX® implants.


MAGNEZIX® implants are used for re-establishing bone continuity after fractures and osteotomies (osteosynthesis) as well as for treating pseudoarthroses (re-osteotomies).

The indications are reconstructive methods after fractures, malpositioning and/or other pathological bone changes of the human skeleton.

The implants can be used in accordance with their dimensions for treating children, young people and adults, for the adaption and exercise-stable fixation of bones and bone fragments.

MAGNEZIX® implants have so far mainly been used in orthopaedic surgery, and in particular for the following operations:

  • Tatarsal and metatarsal corrections with the main focus on Hallux valgus
  • Treating scaphoid fractures

Additional dimensions and new implant types (such as the MAGNEZIX® CSc 4.8) open up new ranges of indications particularly in traumatology and sports surgery.


MAGNEZIX® is intended for the following indications:
  • Intra-articular and extra-articular bone fractures, in particular
  • Avulsion fractures, of small to medium-sized bones, e.g.
    • Finger and central hand fractures
    • Toe and middle foot fractures
  • Treatment of pseudoarthroses, in particular on small and medium-sized bones, e.g.
    • On fingers
    • Toes
    • Middle hand and middle foot bones
  • Arthrodeses, particularly of small and medium-sized joints

Special indications for the MAGNEZIX® CS are:
  • Scaphoid-fracture
  • Radius head and radius neck fractures
  • Distal radius/ulna fracture (Processus styloideus)
  • Treatment for Hallux valgus operations and
  • Other osteotomies
The MAGNEZIX®  Pin can be used for:
  • Intra-articular and extra-articular fractures of small bones and bone fragments 
  • Arthrodeses and osteotomies of small bones and joints 
  • Small bony avulsion of ligaments and tendons
  • Osteochondral fractures and dissecates
Typical indications for the MAGNEZIX® Pin are:
  • Fractures on arms/elbows:
    • Metaphyseal radius and ulna fractures 
    • Processus styloideus radii et ulnae
  • Capitulum humeri and caput radii
  • Treating Pipkin fractures Osteochondrosis dessicans around knee and ankle joints

Information on each of the indications as well as contra-indications of the various Syntellix products can either be obtained directly from us or found in the respective product information (download here).

Note: for the purpose, indications, contraindications and warning notes for the respective implants please refer to the respective instructions for use.