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Heal first, then disappear: the MAGNEZIX® principle

Innovative implant - unique advantages

Many years of basic research and the successful transfer of scientific findings into a new innovative product for medical applications - that is how MAGNEZIX® was developed: a unique implant material for screws and pins which are slowly resorbed by the body and turn into bone tissue, but at the same time as having metallic stability and promoting the healing process.

Compression Screws

Thanks to their dimensions, MAGNEZIX® CS can be used as bone screws in children/young people and adults almost anywhere in the body in all those areas where comparable conventional implants are used for adaption or exercise-stable fixation of bones and/or bone fragments. In accordance with their intended use, the MAGNEZIX® implants  CS 2.0, 2.7, 3.2 can be used for the treatment of intra-articular and extra-articular fractures of small bones and bone fragments, as well as for the treatment of arthrodeses, osteotomies and pseudoarthroses of small bones and joints.. 

Our transformable implants have so far been used in particular for the following operations which benefit especially from their unique advantages:

  • Hallux valgus surgery, thus correcting the skew state of the big toe (bunion)
  • Treatment of bone fractures at the hand ("scaphoid fracture")

    In addition, MAGNEZIX® CS has already been used in a wide range of regions of the body, including for the following indications: clavicular fracture (collarbone), distal and proximal radius fracture (elbow), lower arm fracture, metacarpal fracture (central hand bones), acetabulum fractures (hip socket), Pipkin fractures (femoral head), distal femur fractures (thigh), Patella fractures (knee cap), inner and outer ankle fractures and many more. 

    The treating doctor provides information and reaches a decision on the precise application options.







    Bioabsorbable MAGNEZIX® implants are used for re-establishing bone continuity after fractures, as well as for treating pseudoarthroses. MAGNEZIX® implants are metallically stable, similar to systems made of steel or titanium, but unlike screws and wires made of these materials, do not need to be removed again because they are resorbed in the body. MAGNEZIX® implants are therefore ideally suitable for fractures which need stable and safe fixation, but where one would rather avoid carrying out another operation after healing to remove the metal. For the treating doctor, they can be used, however, without any significant change to usual operating practice.