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25th FESSH-EFSHT Congress

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Innovation & quality

Quality "Developed, Designed and Made in Germany" - that is the Syntellix way. All of our products are exclusively developed and produced in Germany.

Award-winning ideas


Although still a very young company, Syntellix won the "German Industry Innovation Prize" in 2013. This "First Innovation Prize in the World®" has been awarded since 1980 every year to the most significant scientific, technical, commercial and intellectual innovations coming from German industry. The prize is awarded on behalf of the Federal German Ministry for Education and Research, as well as the Federal German Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.

Research and development work had been under way around the world for many years in the attempt to find a solution for bioabsorbable materials. Syntellix achieved the breakthrough after only five years. The recipe for success: establishing an interdisciplinary network with outstanding scientists at different research locations, combined with the entrepreneurial courage of the business people involved. In 2013, Syntellix gained the first CE approval world-wide for a biotransformable metallic implant. The jury for the German Industry Innovation Prize considered this performance to be worthy of a prize, and selected the company for the award in the start-up business category.


Various media reports on Syntellix and the innovation prize for the company are available here.






VIDEO: Syntellix wins the German Industry Innovation Prize 2013 as the most innovative start-up company (in German)

VIDEO: Interview with Prof. Dr. Utz Claassen on winning the German Industry Innovation Prize 2013 (in German)

VIDEO: Interview with Dipl.-Ing. Robert Schavan on winning the German Industry Innovation Prize 2013

VIDEO:  Interview with Stephan Weil, Minister President of Niedersachsen, on the German Industry Innovation Prize 2013 (in German)

SYNTELLIX AG as TOP INNOVATOR in 2015 and 2016

In 2015, Syntellix won the coveted "Top-Innovator" award of the German Medium-sized Enterprise Association for extraordinary innovation strength and above average innovation success in a medium-sized enterprise. The award has been made since 1993 under the scientific management of Prof. Dr. Nikolaus Franke of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Economics University in Vienna. 

Syntellix won the award for the successful development and market launch of MAGNEZIX®. The jury particularly praised here the potential of the company with a high class team capable of turning outstanding scientific results into marketable products. With the MAGNEZIX® magnesium alloy, Syntellix AG has succeeded in producing a real innovation: this alloy resorbs in a controlled manner after the operation, is transformed into bone tissue, and therefore saves patients the stress and worry of having to undergo a second operation to remove the implant.  

The jury formulated their judgement as follows: "A management team is primarily successful when it brings together different strengths and abilities to create an even better whole. This is important because it can then achieve more than the pure sum of each of the individual competencies. This is demonstrated precisely by the interdisciplinary innovation team at Syntellix AG. Three well-known experts in medicine, materials science and management came together in 2008 to create a disruptive innovation: a magnesium alloy for medical products which makes titanium screws superfluous." 

Syntellix was again awarded the "Top-Innovator" award in 2016 to again demonstrate the innovation strength of the company. 


Photos from the press conference at the "Top-Innovator" 2015 award with the science minister of Niedersachsen Gabriele Heinen-Kljajic:

Winner of the German Healthcare Future Prize 2016

The "Future Prize of the Health Industry" is awarded annually by the Club of the Health Industry in Berlin. It is worth € 10,000.00.

The Future Prize is awarded with the aim of providing a forum for innovations in all sectors of the health industry, and to raise awareness of these innovations amongst a high class circle of experts from hospitals, industry, media and services. The cdgw presiding committee chooses the candidates for the competition on the basis of the submitted abstracts. The criteria on which the prize is awarded primarily include originality, creativity, network character, practicability, patient and/or customer benefits, social relevance, and the cost-efficiency of projects or products. 

These are precisely the factors which have been motivating the development and continuous optimisation of MAGNEZIX®: a metallic and at the same time biotransformable implant that saves patients the pain, suffering and risks of a second operation, makes available to doctors an innovative medical product with properties which favour healing during treatment, as well as saving the health and social systems money.  


Future Prize for HappyMed and Syntellix

[German only] A pair of video spectacles with which patients can watch films during an operation (local anaesthetic) or chemotherapy, and screws and pins which can be completely resorbed within the body -- these two innovations were awarded the Future Prize of the Club of the Health Industry (cdgw) in Berlin.