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Technology leader, innovation driver, game changer: Syntellix

A unique product and an enormous global market: Not something you see every day!

Syntellix offers ambitious investors an opportunity of participating in the continuous development and expansion of the company. The innovative products produced by Syntellix are aimed at a continually growing global market with a volume of several billion Euros.  

Syntellix AG has an absolutely unique position in the global market. The products made of MAGNEZIX® represent a disruptive technology which has the potential to completely replace existing technologies such as titanium, steel or polymer compounds. The advantages are obvious: the Syntellix products verifiably enable treatment to be carried out in a much more patient-oriented way, and to promote less risky healing. The provision of MAGNEZIX® implants opens up an enormous increase in efficiency for health markets exposed to growing cost pressures. 

We will be happy to provide you with more information on the attractive growth and profit potential which can be expected to boost the value of your investment in the long term in one of the most innovative companies in Germany. 


Syntellix AG is not currently publically quoted.

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