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Wide range of applications

Magnesium implants are osteoconductive and have infection-inhibiting properties. MAGNEZIX® promotes the course of healing and helps avoid unnecessary sick days and risks for patients.

The ideal implant for sports surgery

No more compromises: MAGNEZIX® implants are metallically stable, and in a similar way to systems made of steel or titanium, boast many times the strength of conventional polymer implants. However, unlike screws or wires made from other materials, they do not have to be removed again - because they are resorbed and  replaced by endogenous tissue.

Getting fit quicker

Implants made of MAGNEZIX® promote bone growth, support the course of healing, and help avoid unnecessary days off sick and risks, because no foreign material remains in the body which can cause problems and which must be removed.

Heal first, then transform: MAGNEZIX® implants are therefore ideal for indications which need to be fixed stably and securely, and where one does not want to undertake another operation after healing to remove the metal, etc. - such as in the area around the knee or the ankle joint.