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Wide range of applications

Magnesium implants are osteoconductive and have infection-inhibiting properties. MAGNEZIX® promotes the course of healing and helps avoid unnecessary sick days and risks for patients.

MAGNEZIX® in trauma surgery

The versatile implants made of MAGNEZIX® have similar mechanical stability to conventional solutions made of metal, but are far superior to all polymer systems. The very special feature: they are successively transformed into bone by the body so that no foreign material remains permanently in the body, which could give rise to problems - removal is therefore no longer necessary. 

Ideal areas of application in trauma surgery for MAGNEZIX® implants are the stabilisation of bone fractures, for instance around the radius heads, as well as fractures in the hand and foot in particular. The MAGNEZIX® Pin is excellent for refixing fragments of detached cartilage or bony torn ligaments in the knee joint or in the upper ankle joint.

MAGNEZIX® supports the healing process and helps to avoid additional sick days, surgical risks and pain for patients.

In addition, thanks to their revolutionary properties, MAGNEZIX® implants are also suitable for numerous additional trauma indications: Both in-vitro and in-vivo studies have demonstrated its outstanding cell compatibility and remarkable osteoconductive properties. Tests not only revealed a high level of proliferation of human osteoblasts, but also stimulation of their vitality. In addition, new bone formation (osteoid) on the surface of the degraded implant was histologically demonstrated.

Application examples

Treatment of a scaphoid fracture

The radiographs here show a fracture of the scaphoid of the left hand treated with a MAGNEZIX® CS over a period of six months post-operatively.

Arthrodesis of the thumb joint (Phalanx distalis)

The radiographs show a pre-operative and post-operative comparison of arthrodesis performed on the thumb of the left hand with MAGNEZIX® CS.