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2020 November 04

Syntellix honored again, wins IMA Award of Excellence

Syntellix honoured for the development of orthopaedic implants made of the alloy MAGNEZIX®. >>

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EuroMind visitors enthusiastic about MAGNEZIX® implants

With the title "The Future of Europe", the EuroMinds Economic Summit and the EuroMinds Knowledge Forum took place for the first time in Hamburg from 31 January to 1 February. Economic experts, scientists, politicians, media representatives as well as committed celebrities, including ex-boxer Henry Maske, actor Francis Fulton Smith and Hard Krüger jr., Renate Künast and Gesine Schwan, and also interested citizens were invited to discuss the major questions of our time and to think in European solutions. Sponsor of EuroMinds is Dr. Peter Tschentscher, First Mayor of the Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg.

In particular, the topic "Medicine of Tomorrow" was lively discussed by the participants and followed with great interest.

The corresponding panel was staffed by top-class experts: Together with Prof. Dr. Martin H. Kirschner from Syntellix AG, Ralf Möller, Hollywood actor and sportsman, and renowned doctors discussed the questions "how can technology be used for the benefit of patients" and "what role does technology play in the medicine of tomorrow?". Apart from the lectures and discussion rounds, interested guests were able to inform themselves in detail about Syntellix and the highly innovative and unique MAGNEZIX® magnesium implants - and thus experience "tomorrow's medicine" directly.

The reactions? Consistently positive!