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Syntellix honored again, wins IMA Award of Excellence

  • Syntellix honoured in “Wrought Product” category for the development of orthopaedic implants made of the magnesium-based alloy MAGNEZIX®
  • Since 1962, IMA's Awards of Excellence program is an annual program to demonstrate outstanding examples of the use of magnesium

Hanover, 04 November 2020.

Syntellix AG, together with its completely owned materials specialist subsidiary MSE (Materials Science and Engineering Werkstoffzentrum Clausthal GmbH), has been honored with the highly renowned 2020 Award of Excellence presented by the International Magnesium Association (IMA), Saint Paul / Minnesota.

Established in 1962, IMA's Awards of Excellence program is an annual program open to companies demonstrating outstanding examples of the use of magnesium. Nominations are judged by a peer-review panel of international experts, based on the criteria of innovation, technology, impact, synergies, competitive material displacement, and economics.

Syntellix has been appointed prize winner in the category “Wrought Product” for the development of its innovative magnesium-based MAGNEZIX® implant portfolio: By means of a unique combination of leading-edge magnesium alloy technology with patented manufacturing processes, a high strength material results with a low in-vivo degradation rate and excellent biocompatibility, which builds the perfect foundation for biodegradable metallic implants. MAGNEZIX® implants combine the unparalleled strength of metal implants with degradation properties. Clinical evidence shows they are much more stable than conventional absorbable polymer implants on PGA or PLA basis. Unlike common metal implants made of steel or titanium, MAGNEZIX® implants do not have to be removed in a second surgery, avoiding corresponding risks of infection, anaesthesia, vascular and nerve damage.

The use of MAGNEZIX® thus makes a significant contribution to patient safety and to the improvement of the quality of life, offering enormous potential benefits with respect to better, safer and at the same time more cost-efficient care for patients around the world. Recently, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), Silver Spring / Maryland, granted Syntellix's MAGNEZIX® CS 3.2 device and proposed indication for use the designation of a "Breakthrough Device".


About the International Magnesium Association (IMA):

IMA is the global resource for the magnesium industry and the voice for its membership and international user communities. Founded in 1943, the mission of IMA is to promote the use of the metal magnesium in material selection and encourage innovative applications of the versatile metal. IMA's members consist of primary producers of the metal, recyclers, foundries, fabricators, end-users and suppliers. IMA serves the industry through its Annual World Magnesium Conference, seminars, statistical programs, research and publications. Through IMA's efforts, manufacturers and consumers are increasingly aware of the numerous options and benefits the metal magnesium provides.


About Syntellix: 

Syntellix AG, a global biomaterials pioneer engaged in biomedical engineering, material & life science, is the world’s market and technology leader in the field of bioabsorbable metallic orthopaedic implants. The company has already been honored with numerous important awards and prizes, including, amongst others, the Innovation Award of the German Economy 2012/13, the Future Award 2016 of the German Healthcare Economy, the German Medical Award 2017, the Innovator of the Year 2017 Award, and the German Innovation Award in Gold 2019; Syntellix implants were also a winner in the Product of the Year category of the Sustainability Award 2018 program. In recent peer-reviewed medical-scientific publications concerning various clinical applications, MAGNEZIX® implants were rated as “being advantageous” or even “clinically superior” to conventional titanium implants.

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