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Syntellix AG: Taking a huge leap

Hanover, March 10, 2017

  • New products, new markets, new international location, new global investors

The Syntellix AG, an innovative medical technology company from Hanover and a global technology leader in the field of transformable implants, continues its growth path. With its unique MAGNEZIX® metal implants, which are converted into bone by the body, the company is convinced to set new standards in medicine. To date, more than 27,000 implants (compression screws and pins) have been sold worldwide and the number of customers and international sales markets is growing strongly - now the company has announced further, elementary milestones to ensure and continue its rapid development.

At a press conference the management board of the company explained to numerous journalists the latest highlights concerning the strategy, corporate development, corporate finance, research, products and technology:



1. New international investor

In order to finance its ambitious international expansion strategy and extensive research projects, but especially for founding and establishing the subsidiary company in Singapore and related more intensive activities in the booming Asian continent, the company has acquired a new, globally active investor. The Wintop Capital Pte. Ltd., headquartered in Singapore, has recently become involved in the company with a convertible bond of several million euros. Thomas Mayer, CEO of the company, feels optimistic, that "Wintop brings not only additional capital into the company, but will also significantly support the penetration of existing and the entrance in new Asian markets with its profound knowledge and excellent networking ".



2. New subsidiary in Singapore

With an ideal proximity to the relevant markets and access to excellent research facilities and talented professionals, Singapore offers the best conditions to conquer the booming Asian markets. "We see the strong support of the Singaporean Economic Development Board (EDB) as proof of the attractiveness of our business and future model," states Prof. Dr. Claassen, the founder, Chairman of the Supervisory Board and main shareholder of the company, gratefully.


3. Development of the company and internationalisation

With its revolutionary implants Syntellix is now active in 30 countries and five out of six continents. The most recent approvals and market entries were succeeded in Australia, New Zealand and Saudi Arabia.

Another 30 countries are currently in progress. In at least 17 of these countries the completion of the approval process and market entry is planned for 2017.

Thereby a turning point is reached, and a change of paradigm will take place:

"Up to right now the acquisition of new customers and the development of new markets has been the first priority, but with the future in mind market penetration is getting more and more important. We have now created the basis for sustainably placing our new product lines on the existing markets among our existing customers", states Thomas Mayer, CEO of the company and, i.a., responsible for marketing and sales.

The new cortical bone screw will be launched as the third MAGNEZIX® product line at the end of March. At least two new product lines are supposed to follow each year.



5. Research, medicine and technology

An international team of highly qualified and interdisciplinary specialists is currently enhancing the further development of the ground-breaking MAGNEZIX® technology in order to set the basis for new products and introduce as well as establish them in new markets. The employees obtain their motivation especially by knowing that they are part of one of the most exciting developments in the field of medical implants. Prof. Dr. med. Martin H. Kirschner, CTO and responsible for medicine and technology, is optimistic: "We have the great opportunity to set new standards and make medical history. Therefore, we are promoting explicitly the development of new product lines, new technological variations and unique product specifications."

Thereby, the Syntellix AG cooperates closely with the institute of one of the world's most well-known researcher in the field of magnesium technology, Prof. Dr. Neubert from Clausthal.


About Syntellix:

The Syntellix AG is an internationally operating, dynamically growing medical technology company, headquartered in Hanover. The company is specialised in research, development and distribution of highly innovative transformable metallic implants. The products made of the material MAGNEZIX® are revolutionary and unique, since they degrade in the body and are completely converted into endogenous bone tissue, despite their favourable metallic properties and stability.

The company is the No. 1 worldwide in its field and currently active in 30 countries. More than 27,000 implants have already been sold globally. The Syntellix AG is integrated into the Life Sciences Cluster of the state of Lower Saxony, in particular in the academic expertise and application competence of the Technical University of Clausthal-Zellerfeld, the Medical University of Hanover (MHH), the Leibniz University of Hanover and the Hanover Clinical Trial Center.

The story of success and power of innovation of the Syntellix AG is demonstrated by an impressive amount of prices and awards.

Starting from the Innovation Price of the German Economy in 2013, followed by the award as a Top Innovator in 2015 and 2016 within the framework of the TOP 100 competition and ending with the German Future Price of Health Care in 2016. In addition, the company and its products have been selected as an "Innovative Solution" within the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIPonAHA) of the European Commission.


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