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Russia opens its market for bioabsorbable Syntellix implants

Hanover, June 28, 2021.


The Russian health authority Roszdravnadzor has approved the use of magnesium-based bioabsorbable implants from the German biomedical & biomaterials pioneer Syntellix. This means that the company's international sales department is now also opening up the market in the largest country in the world in terms of surface area, building on an already existing partnership with a specialized national importer and distributor.

The compression screws and pins, which have now been officially approved for use in Russia for the surgical fixation of bones after an accident and/or for correction of a malposition, are made of the patented alloy MAGNEZIX®; they dissolve into the body after the bone has healed. This eliminates the need for a second surgery to remove the inserted material. As a consequence of an avoided second operation, patients suffer less pain, have fewer sick days and eliminate the corresponding risk of anesthesia or infection from hospital germs. Yet Syntellix implants are similarly stable as comparable old-school products made of titanium or steel; more than 40 scientific publications confirm their efficacy, safety and reliability.

Prof. Dr. Utz Claassen, CEO of Syntellix AG, comments on the successful approval: "Russia is already the 70th country for which the use of our unique magnesium implants for trauma surgery and orthopedics has been approved. With more than 146 million inhabitants, the market is very attractive, especially as the country is investing large sums in modernizing its healthcare system. In addition, since the use of MAGNEZIX® eliminates the need for a second surgery to remove the material, the healthcare system saves money." According to Germany Trade & Invest, the economic development agency of the Federal Republic of Germany, Russia imported more than $3.8 billion worth of medical technology in 2019, and the Russian Ministry of Industry expects the total market to grow to $8.4 billion by 2030.

Good news comes also from Singapore, where the Health Sciences Authority has approved the IFSC interference screw, manufactured locally by Syntellix Asia Pte Ltd. This means that the entire portfolio of Syntellix products is now available to patients in the Southeast Asian high-tech state. In the Philippines, the Ministry of Health has now approved the use of all MAGNEZIX® implants following the first product approval that had already been granted.


About Syntellix:

Syntellix, a Hanover- and Singapore-based global pioneer in biomedical engineering, med-tech, materials & life science that has been honoured with many national and international awards, is the worldwide market leader in the field of bioabsorbable magnesium-based metallic orthopedic implants. The MAGNEZIX® devices developed by Syntellix are described by experts as beneficial for numerous clinical applications, and, according to a published comparative study, they are even "clinically superior" to conventional titanium implants.



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