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2019 September 17

Syntellix successful in Budapest




2020 March 19 , Graz

34th annual conference of the Association for Paediatric Orthopaedics (VKO)

Syntellix at the 34th annual conference of the Association for Pediatric Orthopaedics in Graz >>

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This metal implant turns into bone

short facts

  • Innovative pioneer which rendered metallic and bio-absorbable implants suitable for every-day clinical use 
  • Global technology leader for bioabsorbable metal implants, owner of numerous patents 
  • Successful in more than 30 countries 
  • Tomorrow's implants "Made in Germany" boast many clear advantages for patients, doctors and funding agencies Prize winner of the "German Industry Innovation Prize" 2013
  • Winner of the "Top Innovator in the MSE sector" 2015 


  • The world's first bioabsorbable metallic material for implants 
  • CE-label (Europe) and HSA approval (Singapore) for medical applications 
  • Ideal biomechanical properties: metallic stability similar to titanium, elasticity very similar to human bones
  • Osteoconductive (promotes bone growth) and replaced by the body's own tissue, which means that no metal remains in the body 
  • Infection inhibiting

MAGNEZIX® - the implant of tomorrow