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Merry Christmas

Syntellix wishes you a happy Advent and Christmas season.

Dear Customers, Friends and Partners of Syntellix, 

thank you for your trust and confidence as well as your support for our company, our cutting-edge and globally unique MAGNEZIX® technology, and thus for a once-again and once-more increasing number of happy and satisfied patients this year who could benefit and have benefitted from our highly advantageous implants also and especially in difficult and complicated coronavirus times. 

Coronavirus has shown how important it is to reduce and potentially eliminate any type of infection risk. Thus, we all have a common mission, and the Syntellix team shall do its utmost also in 2022 to contribute its mosaic pieces towards saving lives by avoiding unnecessary infections, with the help of innovative materials science and advantageous implant technology.

We wish all of you a happy pre-Christmas time and a Merry Christmas. May there be snowflakes, Christmas stars, health and harmony for all of you!