2020 September 01 , Basel

25th FESSH-EFSHT Congress

Syntellix at the 25th FESSH-EFSHT Congress from 1-4 September, 2020 in Basel >>

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EuroMinds Summit

Prof Claassen speaks at EuroMinds, the new economic summit in Hamburg


The EuroMinds summit combines Economics, politics, science and media and – from a European perspective – looks at important topics of our time: What will tomorrow's world look like? Who is shaping the future? And what future do we actually want? Solutions, chances, risks and alternatives will be discussed by economic experts, scientists, politicians, media representatives, celebrities and committed citizens.

Of course one of the main essential topics will be how tomorrow’s medical landscape will develop and how medical technology can be used best for the benefit of the patients.

As one of Germany’s top managers and founder of Syntellix AG, the most innovative med-tech company in the world, Professor Claassen will take part in an expert podium on this topic on Feburary 1st, 13:30h, in Hamburg.



  • January 31st: Exclusive summit - discussions of invited national & international experts
  • Febuary 1st: Open knowledge forums

Venue: Bucerius Law Scool Hamburg


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